Patt Internal Medicine Appointment Policy

No Show Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, let us know at least one full business day before your appointment. Please call 720-822-3140 or email [email protected] A $50 charge will be assessed for no-shows or cancellations with less than one full business day’s notice.  Patt Internal Medicine reserves the right to dismiss patients and cancel memberships for repeat violations of this policy.

Financial Policy

Basic Policy: Unless we accept your insurance plan, payment for service is due in full at the time service is provided in our office.

For Patients with Insurance: We are able to bill most insurance companies, both primary and secondary, for you. To allow us to do this for you, you must sign the Financial and Privacy Policies form provided. As of 8/1/15, we require that you place a credit card on file with our office (see our Credit Card On File Policy) to promptly settle any remaining balance(s).

Ultimately, you are responsible for the full charges for the visit. If an insurance carrier has not paid within 60 days of billing, professional fees are due and payable in full from you. Since your agreement with your insurance carrier is a private one, we do not routinely research why an insurance carrier has not paid or why it paid less than anticipated for care.

  • In Network Coverage: For insurance companies with which we are contracted, we will determine your copay due at the time of visit, and bill your insurance for the balance. Depending on whether you have met your deductible and your coverage level, we will bill you later for the amount that insurance does not cover and take any negotiated contractual discounts at that time.
  • Out of Network Coverage: Patt Internal Medicine is not a network provider for several insurance plans and some exchange plans. For these plans, your copay is still due at the time of visit. We will attempt to bill your insurance company for the balance. They will likely reimburse at a non-network provider rate and you may have an additional out-of-network deductible. You are responsible for the remaining charges of the services provided, which may be higher than the charges for similar services provided by an in-network provider.
  • Medicare Patients: We will bill Medicare for charges we believe will be covered rendered to you. In order to do this, we must have your signature on file.
  • We will also bill secondary insurance carriers for you. All copayments are due at the time service is provided, provided we are authorized to do so by your signature on file.
  • Non-covered Services (most alternative and complementary services, cosmetic services, concierge program amenities): Elective services cannot be submitted to insurance. Payment in full is due at the time of service. This authorization must be obtained before the appointment for the service will be scheduled.
The patient is ultimately responsible for all professional fees.

Any take-home or patient self-administered medications or supplements dispensed (other than samples) must be paid for at the time of purchase and cannot be charged to insurance.